Beginner Enquiry

Thinking about starting a Martial Art?

If you are thinking about starting a Martial Art, you are welcome to come and watch one of our lessons so that you have an idea of our format and teaching style before deciding whether you want to give it a go.  Sensei Amanda will advise you which session is appropriate for your age and ability as we cater for beginners (from age 5 years), intermediate, through to experienced martial arts practitioners.

Barkway Karate Club offer a four session induction, which gives you the chance to try a variety of lessons and ample opportunity to decide whether you wish to start training regularly.  During the induction period you will be able to train in loose fitting clothes, a T shirt and tracksuit bottoms is ideal, no shoes required.

Please use the email link below to contact Sensei Amanda with your enquiry or phone for further information.  We look forward to hearing from you.


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