amandaveitch July 11, 2012 0

Barkway Karate Club is pleased to announce that as from the 16th May 2012 it is now an Independent Club Member of Cobra Martial Arts Association, (National Supporting Body) and MASA (Martial Arts Standards Agency).  The news has been very well received by all of our Members who are already wearing their new club badges.  All Members and Instructors have an updated Licence, new information book, diary, attendance card and grading syllabus.

Training days and times remain the same, with the addition of a new Last Sunday of the Month 4-5pm session for Members to use as a substitute or extra lesson.  Instructor Sensei Amanda Veitch and Assistant Instructors Sempai Holly, Sempai Clare and Sempai Giles are very pleased to welcome Instructor Sensei Maxine Charlton as a valuable addition to the Club.

This is a very exciting time for us all and I look forward to your continuing enthusiasm and support.   


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