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I hope everyone is staying home,  safe and well during this very difficult time.  While we all adjust to the new normal and its daily challenges it’s important we also take time to focus on positive action – things we can control ourselves.  There are a host of online free exercise and learning classes to help burn some physical and mental energy suitable for all ages.  For all Karate Students – certainly Purple belts and above – you are familiar now with independent training and practice and I recommend daily practice of one of the three key elements, Kata / Basics / non-partnered Kumite.  Dig out your syllabus book and keep referring to it – it will help to prompt your memory on what you have already learnt.  Keep your training relaxed and low power, remember to breathe and focus on correct technique to avoid injury.  Ensure you warm up correctly and stretch at the end of your session, make sure you have space around you – if you can go in the garden.  If any students wish to have a FaceTime session to discuss any questions or review any techniques or kata please email or message me and I will arrange a time with you to do this.

Resilience and Patience is the key lesson during this time, keep well, stay active, helpful, kind, positive and keep practicing.  You will feel better for it – I know it has really helped me to focus on something positive like karate training.  I look forward to seeing you all again as soon as is possible, feel free to contact me – even if it’s just to talk, and keep an eye on the website and Facebook Page for updates.


Email: barkwaykarate@yahoo.com

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