Wishing Team GB Success

amandaveitch August 6, 2012 0
Wishing Team GB Success

London 2012 is proving to be a very extraordinary Olympic Games with Team GB celebrating medal success with some outstanding performances and results.  Although Karate isn’t an Olympic Sport, we can all take inspiration from the dedication and commitment shown in other disciplines and apply them to our own Karate training.

I have been lucky enough to attend the Greenwich Park to watch Team GB compete in the Equestrian Dressage which does have some similarity to Karate (albiet on horseback) and equate the Dressage Test to the Kata Forms we perform in Shotokan Karate.  The same level of agility, power, focus, correct technique, timing, preparation and execution of the perfomance lines are testament to the art, and it is not surprising that Dressage movements were historically develped to produce an agile, obedient horse that was useful in battle.  Specific movements were developed for reasons of defence, body evasion, intimidation and counter attack.

Wishing Team GB continuing success!

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